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Caceres Creates Caceres

Urban intervention to present Caceres' candidacy for the 2016 European Cultural Capital

Team: Enrique Espinosa, Diana Hernández, Carlos Mínguez, Alejandra Navarrete, David Pérez, Rocío Pina, Carmelo Rodríguez (PKMN)


Finalist at the 2009 Architecture and Urban Spanish Biennial

Sept - Oct 2008

Caceres, Spain.

Caceres has an important historic city center and an incomparably cultural patrimony, that  have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But it is a space mainly visited by tourists and occupied only by some governmental offices. The project proposes the residents to participate in the life of the city and play an active role in an urban intervention.

With a traveling photo booth we photographed and recorded 2016 citizens of Caceres to turn them in a collective exhibition. The project used these 2016 images of the residents to re-create an artificial landscape, a public intervention made up of “citizens” in different formats and scales: real scale figures populating the streets, a mega-citizen protecting the city and merchandising objects (badges, balloons, t-shirts …) that were given out during a participatory event that used the city as a place where citizens became active agents and not only spectators.

1. Couple of residents with their doubles.


2. Mega-Cacereño at San Francisco Javier Church,  San Jorge Square.


3. Travelling photo booth installed in different locations during three days, Caceres.


4. 2016 citizens of Caceres photographed and recorded.


5. Production process of real scale figures.

6. View of the exhibition at the San Jorge Square.


7. Installation of the Mega-Cacereño at San Francisco Javier Church,  San Jorge Square.

8. Identity catering event with all merchandising objects distributed.


All photos by PKMN

07_PU_caceres HR

07_PU_caceres HR

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